четверг, 14 июня 2012 г.

i-D or my new addiction

My second i-D issue makes me feel 'hella cool',it's pages give me inspiration not only for a clothes,but the way I feel inside.
It took me almost 4 days to read whole magazine because of my two-mnth. son :)


Just founded that simple and comfortable combination of my favourite sweater by HOPE,grey jeans & my husband's belt :)

воскресенье, 27 мая 2012 г.

Attrape-moi...si tu m'aimes!

For my wedding anniversary (et oui, 1 year already!) I've got this beautiful bracelet called 'Attrape moi..si tu m'aimes' from Chaumet Paris and beige scarf by LV. Lovely! Only one thing is that I am not a big fan of LV beacause of it's halogram,which leveled originals with fakes. Generally,I prefer clothes without halogram and big-letter-label on it. But this present was made with big love and I'll wear it for sure!

Sun! Sun! Sun!

I've got two pairs of sunglasses for this summer-'aviators' one are from Zadig&Voltaire and 'raybans' from Lindex store,which i've purchased only for 150Kc! Good deal,huh? :P